Pharmaceutical litigation is a complicated subject and you need an experienced attorney to guide you through this difficult process. When consumers suffer injuries as a result of a defective medical device or drug, personal injury attorneys from the Lieser Law Firm are stepping up to help victims obtain the settlements they deserve.

Pharmaceutical Litigation and Success

Your attorney is a strong ally when dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or defective medical equipment have hurt you or someone you love.  Successful recoveries arise from a deep understanding of a client’s specific history assessed against the legal obligations of the manufacturers to test these drugs and devices and provide appropriate warning labels.

Practice Areas

The Lieser Law Firm is currently investigating the following dangerous drugs and medical devices:

  •  Actos
  •  Zofran
  •  Januvia /Byetta
  •  Xarleto
  •  Lipitor
  •  Topamax
  •  GranuFlo / NaturaLyte
  •  Mirena
  •  NuvaRing
  •  Yasmin / Yaz / Bayez / Ocella
  •  Propecia
  •  Testosterone Therapy Drugs
  •  Risperdal
  •  Transvaginal Mesh
  •  Talcum Powder
  •  Zoloft / SSRI Birth Injuries
  •  Hip Implants

Why Should You File a Lawsuit Against a Pharmaceutical Company?

Compensation for your medical costsTreatment for any medical condition may become costly. The compensation payments can help you pay these costs and reduce or eliminatethe burden on your family budget.

There is no risk to file a lawsuitYou will be represented on a contingency basis and you will only pay an attorney’s fee if you are awarded compensation for your claim.

Compensation can take care of your familyWhile we realize that a settlement will not eliminate the physical pain (past, present or future), it will help protect the financial future of you and your family.

Accountability for your sufferingIt’s not your fault that you are in this situation. You have the right to be heard and to hold those responsible for causing your pain and suffering. Also, your voice can help protect other people from being injured by the dangerous drug or defective medical device.

Sending a Message to the Pharmaceutical Companies

The positive outcome of recovering compensation for victims sends a strong message to the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  This reminds them of the legal and moral obligation to do all they can to ensure their drugs and medical equipment are safe for consumers. If they do not fulfill the obligation, and consumers suffer, the manufacturers are responsible for the outcome.

Basic Phases of a Pharmaceutical Lawsuit

  •  Determine if you have a case.Have you suffered an injury from a medical device or a drug?  Have you taken a drug that has been recalled?  Questions like these will be asked to determine if you have a case.
  •  Work with your lawyer.If your lawyer believes that you have a case, they will file the proper paperwork and start the discovery process.  Both you and the defendant will have to answer questions and the attorneys get ready for court.
  •  Settlement can come with a trial or not.  Usually, at the end of the discovery period or during the early stages of your trial, the word “settlement” may come up.  If you go all the way through the trial, a jury verdict in your favor might be appealed by the defendant.  Settlement results will vary per client.

If you have suffered from a dangerous drug or a faulty medical device, please contact the Lieser Law Firmas soon as possible.  We are investigating these claims andwe can help guide you through this difficult time.

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