Death of a Kirkwood, MO Postal Worker Hit by Car in December

Postal worker accidentIn Kirkwood, Missouri, on December 30, 2014, a postal worker was hit by a car as she left work at the end of her shift.

47-year-old Chrissy Wilson-Mueller, suffered trauma to her brain, her right lung collapsed, and several bones were broken when she was struck by a moving vehicle traveling southbound in the center of the road in the 300 block of South Taylor Avenue. Wilson-Mueller was walking to her car that was parked on South Taylor Avenue after clocking out at the end of her shift. Reports state she was wearing her post office jacket and blue work pants at the time of the accident and that she had left the post office in the dark.

Wilson-Mueller was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident, but never regained consciousness.  On February 2, 2015, she was sent home under hospice care, according to her stepdaughter, Delinda Cisco.  Ms. Wilson-Mueller passed away Saturday, February 7.

Detective David Smith, of the Kirkwood Police Department, stated Monday that this case is being considered an accident and that no criminal charges are pending against the 79-year-old woman who had been driving the vehicle that struck Wilson-Mueller. The driver only suffered minor injuries.

Parking Issues at the Kirkwood Post Office on Taylor

Several postal workers at the Kirkwood post office on Taylor park on the street because there is no other designated lot for them to park.  Some of the workers have said that when they leave for home in the evening, they find that their cars have been side-swiped by the traffic along Taylor Avenue.  A spokeswoman for the Postal Service’s Gateway District, Valerie Hughes, stated that there is an agreement with the City of Kirkwood that postal employees are allowed to park along that street.

Ms. Cisco (Wilson-Mueller’s stepdaughter) said that this has been a horrible accident and she hopes that the employees of the post office can get their own parking lot in the future.  Ms. Cisco was grateful for the support from her stepmother’s coworkers and also the support of the people on her delivery route.  She was surprised to see so many people from her stepmother’s route and coworkers from the post office that came to visit her in the hospital. Several people also called to check on her.  They all said Ms. Wilson-Mueller was a kind and thoughtful person.

Who Is At Fault for this Kirkwood, MO Postal Worker Accident?

Further details of this case will continue to develop, but it begs the question about who is really to blame for the unfortunate fate of Ms. Wilson-Mueller.  Should the Taylor Post Office be held accountable for not providing a safe place for their employees to park?

Hopefully measures will be taken to ensure that such a tragedy does not occur again.

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