JanuviaLawsuits have been filed against the companies who make the drugs, Januvia and Byetta.  These diabetic medications have been linked to side effects that cause pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

Questions have been raised as to whether the benefits of these drugs outweigh the risks.  Several people have suffered devastating side effects and have filed personal injury lawsuits in court against Merck, the maker of Januvia, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amylin, and Eli Lilly, the makers of Byetta.

The FDA approved Byetta in 2005 and Januvia in 2006.  Since their approval, warnings have been issued by the FDA linking the medications to very serious complications.  Yet they stay on the market putting many more individuals at risk.

Januvia and Byetta Lawsuit Status

The lawsuits are alleging that the makers of Byetta and Januvia consistently market these medicines even though they know how dangerous they are.  They also failed to warn people of the cancer and pancreatitis risks.

Since being on the market, these diabetic drugs have been prescribed by doctors to millions of people throughout the U.S.  Patients have developed pancreatic diseases from taking these drugs and it may very well lead to lawsuits being filed at the state and federal level.  So many lawsuits have been filed in California that the Federal Court there has streamlined the procedures for those cases.  Hundreds of cases have been grouped together by the Southern District court of California for discovery purposes.  Cases have been filed there against Merck and many of their affiliates as well as Eli Lilly.  Patients have claimed that using Byetta and Januvia has caused them to develop pancreatic cancer.  Some cases that were filed in state court have been moved to federal court.

Problems Caused by Januvia and Byetta

Illnesses that have been reported after using these drugs include:

  •  Acute pancreatitis
  •  Hemorrhagic pancreatitis
  •  Inflammation of the pancreas
  •  Severe abdominal pain
  •  Severe back pain
  •  Abnormal blood pressure
  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Elevated heart rate
  •  Pancreatic cancer

These conditions have the potential to persist even after a patient discontinues treatment with these drugs.  In fact, Byetta has also been linked to kidney dysfunction and thyroid cancer.

People that have been injured by these drugs are left to deal with the long-term health concerns on top of the diabetes they were originally taking the drugs for.  Often, long-term care and even hospitalization are required to recover from the devastating effects they have suffered.

Why File a Lawsuit?

In January of 2013, a woman from Ohio filed a personal injury lawsuit against Merck and Amylin.  She alleged that Januvia and Byetta caused the death of her father.  The diabetes treatments were given to him in 2007.  In 2011, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The Ohio woman is among the increasing number of people who are filing lawsuits against the makers of these drugs.  These people claim that the drug makers failed to practice reasonable care and that they caused undue risk and harm to others.  Others are also saying that Merck, Amylin, and Eli Lilly should have known about the high risks, and that their drugs can cause bodily injuries and the untimely death of many patients.  Even though a financial reward can’t undo the harm that has been caused by Januvia and Byetta, it can help pay medical expenses and recoup lost income from being out sick from work.

If you or someone you love has suffered pancreatic-related problems from taking Byetta or Januvia you need to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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