when to hire a personal injury attorneySuffering or recovering from a personal injury is a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally.  If your injuries are severe, your case involves complex legal issues, or the insurance company refuses to pay a good faith settlement, then you need the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney. There are some types of personal injury and accidents that will almost certainly require the help of a lawyer to protect you and make sure you have a voice to seek justice.

Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

Accidents that result in serious injury can affect your physical capabilities or appearance for a long period of time or permanently.  Determining compensation for this type of injury can be demanding and confusing.  In order to get the maximum compensation you deserve, you may need an experienced lawyer who understands your needs and what you are going through.

Severe Injuries

The severity of your injuries is directly related to how much compensation you should receive.  Severity is determined by several factors including medical bills, the type of injury you have, and the recovery period required for the injury.  As these factors add up you are entitled to more compensation, but be aware that the amount you can potentially lose also increases. In this case, you would benefit from legal guidance to make sure you recover the maximum settlement amount.

Medical Malpractice

If your injury was due to the incompetent treatment of a medical provider and you are dealing with medical negligence, there are a lot of complicated legal issues involved. This situation almost always requires seeking a personal injury attorney to fully understand and address all the legal rules involved. You need a law firm that will protect your rights and give you a voice.

Toxic Exposure

You may have heard about foods or products being recalled because of chemical contamination. Toxic exposure occurs when you become ill due to encountering these contaminated products or materials. Claims regarding toxic exposure, such as with Mesothelioma,  require compelling scientific data; and even then, exposure can be difficult to prove. Industries that are susceptible to claims of toxic exposure have experienced legal networks to protect themselves.  Lieser Law Firm has experienced lawyers that will be honest and candid when helping you navigate through this type of case.

When Insurance Won’t Pay

There are situations where the insurance company or government agency may refuse to offer any sort of fair settlement, regardless of your injury or medical bills. Not only can a personal injury attorney fight for your fair compensation, but they will fight to protect you. You need a law firm that will be aggressive in fighting for your voice and getting you the justice you deserve.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when addressing the legal issues involved in a personal injury case.  Hiring the right law firm will help make sure that your case is dealt with using compassion to fight for the results you deserve.  It’s important to know when to seek a personal injury attorney, but also to know which attorney to trust.

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