School Bus Accident in Cedar Hill, Missouri

school bus accidentAccording to firefighters, 7-year-old, Paige Breckle, suffered head trauma when she was hit by a school bus on June 25, 2015.

The accident happened around 4pm in the 8400 block of Hilltop Drive in Cedar Hill.  The girl and her brother had just stepped off the bus when the she dropped something on the ground in front of the bus.  She walked over to pick it up what she dropped when the bus hit her, knocking her to the ground.

Firefighters reported that the bus driver was not aware that the girl was in front of the bus.  The bus passed over the girl, but did not hit her again. The little girl’s brother took her home and dialed 911.

At last report, the girl was breathing on her own and is expected to recover.

The bus driver is an employee of First Student, the transportation company used by the Northwest School District.  Safety manager, Sandra Craig, was not able to comment on the accident.  Chris Kemper, a spokesman for First Student Inc. that is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, stated that the driver has been put on administrative leave while First Student conducts their own investigation of the accident.

School Bus Accidents

Just like any other vehicle, school bus accidents happen for any number of reasons.  Even though school bus drivers are specifically trained to transport children to and from school, kids can be very unpredictable.  For this reason, bus drivers must always be aware of their surroundings and have the children in their sights at all times.

Bus accidents happen more often than you might think. From 2003-2012, there were over 1,300 people killed in crashes involving a school bus, averaging out to about 130 fatalities each year.

The victims who happen to survive these accidents are often left with huge medical expenses. This is especially true when the accident involves a pedestrian on the street.

School Bus Safety for Parents and Children

Even though school buses are the safest way to transport children to and from school, accidents can still happen if children are not careful when getting on and off the bus. Parents can help their kids to be safe by using the following safety tips as a guide:

  •  Walk to the bus stop with your child and wait with them until the bus arrives
  •  Kids should stand at least 3 big steps back from the curb
  •  Kids should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop
  •  If your child needs to cross the street after getting off the bus they should walk 5 big steps ahead of the bus, wave to the driver, and then cross the street.
  •  Younger kids should use handrails when getting on and off the bus
  •  If your child drops something, they should tell the bus driver to watch them while they go to pick it up.
  •  Tell your kids to NEVER walk behind the bus.  Always cross the street in front of the bus where the driver can see you.

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