The Illinois State Police report Jacqueline Stines, of Sparta, Illinois, was driving south on Illinois Route 13 when she went to pass a vehicle while in a no-passing zone and construction zone. Sadly, Ms. Stines crashed head-on into Gail Chandler, of Lenzburg, Illinois, who was traveling northbound on Illinois Route 13.

St. Clair County Wrongful Death Claim

The September 28th collision was horribly tragic as these two women lost their lives. That being said, this collision was preventable had Ms. Stines remained in the legal and proper lane of travel. No matter the reasoning, drivers should be extremely cautious when passing other vehicles which includes not making such an attempt in a no-passing zone.

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act creates a cause of action against the negligent party when the “death of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect or default.”

Who can bring a wrongful death claim?

In Illinois, the lawsuit is brought by the personal representative of the decedent’s estate, and it is for the benefit of the surviving spouse or the victim’s next-of-kin (children, parents, siblings, etc.). The surviving family members can recover compensation for both economic and non-economic losses. These losses may include loss of companionship, love, financial support, and guidance. Additionally, each family member may be compensated for their own personal grief and suffering.

Typically, there are insurance policies which will be available to compensate the victim’s family. Regardless of the negligent party’s intent, these policies are purchased to cover these unfortunate and tragic situations.

Do you have a wrongful death claim?

If you have lost a loved one due to the carelessness of another individual or company, please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate answers. We will work together to hold those responsible and accountable for their actions.