Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Q:  What is contingency fee representation?

A: The Lieser Law Firm provides contingency fee representation, meaning we do not collect a fee unless and until you recover damages on your claim.  The fee is usually a percentage of the monetary recovery made on your claim.  Therefore, if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Another advantage of contingency fee representation is that it allows you access to an expensive court system.  The cost of experts and court fees can add up quickly over the length of your claim.  Medical bills and other financial strains can be burdening to you, which would make it difficult for you to pay these costs during the course of your claim.  The Lieser Law Firm covers these costs up front for you, allowing you the ability to wait until the end of your case to pay them.

If you are suffering from a personal injury, the only thing you should have to worry about is taking care of yourself and your family.  Let the experienced personal injury attorneys at Lieser Law Firm handle your case so you can focus on moving forward with your life.  Contact us to learn more.


Q:  After an accident or injury, should I deal with the insurance company myself?

A:  Absolutely not! While the insurance agent may be courteous while speaking to you, they are not your friend and do not have your best interest at heart.  As your attorney, The Lieser Law Firm will investigate the incident and determine if you are entitled to more damages than the insurance company is offering you.  Also, your bargaining power is increased once the insurance company sees you may take this case to trial.  It is our job to make sure you are compensated fairly for all damages you have incurred.  This compensation can range from past, present, and/or future medical bills, physical pain, emotional distress, and/or loss of income.

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Q:  How much is my case worth?

A:  Honestly, it’s not possible to know up front how much your case is worth.  If you have been injured, contact the experienced attorneys at The Lieser Law Firm so that we can carefully examine all the circumstances of your case, collect the evidence to prove your damages, and conduct a full medical analysis to identify your injuries.  These steps will help us determine an amount we believe will fairly compensate you for your claim.  A successful lawsuit will generally recover past and future medical expenses, economic losses, and damages for pain and suffering, disability, and disfigurement.  Every case is unique, which is why you need to find a personal injury attorney you can trust to help get you the compensation you deserve.


Q:  Will I have to go to court?

A:  If the insurance company agrees to pay what we claim your case is worth, and you wish to settle for that amount, then your case will not have to go to court.  However, the attorneys at Lieser Law Firm are skilled and experienced in trying lawsuits and getting favorable results.  Sooner or later, the threat of going to court produces realistic settlement offers from the insurance company.  If the insurance company refuses to recognize the real value of your claim, we will file a lawsuit and proceed to trial.  Most of the time, the insurance company will see the error of their ways and settle the case to our satisfaction.  If they don’t, we push for a trial.  For questions about your personal injury case contact the Lieser Law Firm today.


Q:  Can any lawyer handle any type of case?

A:  Technically, yes.  But it is extremely important that you hire a lawyer with the proper training, trial expertise, and proven results to maximize your recovery.  The Lieser Law Firm has these qualities and more.  With us on your side, you will get aggressive representation and lawyers who are committed to fighting for your rights.  We go above and beyond when representing our clients.  We educate you about the process so you can be confident in the strategy and settlement decisions.  For a claim as important as a personal injury, you want a lawyer who concentrates their practice in that area, and you get that with The Lieser Law Firm.  Contact us today to learn more.


Q:  Who will pay for my doctor bills and fix my car if the other person does not have insurance?

A:  Even if the driver at fault does not have an active insurance policy, you could be covered as long as you carry car insurance in Missouri or Illinois.  Please contact The Lieser Law Firm.   We will review your policy and tell you if you have uninsured motorist coverage or an alternate type of insurance that may compensate you without significantly raising your rates.


Q:  What if I was hurt on someone else’s property?

A:  Premises liability cases involve someone who is injured due to a property not being properly maintained.  They are also some of the most hotly contested cases.  In determining if the owner is liable for your accident, the law concentrates on whether the owner makes a regular effort to keep the property safe and clean.  If you tripped or fell, was the dangerous spot there long enough for the owner to have known about it?  You must also think about whether your own carelessness contributed to the accident.  Did you have a legitimate reason for being where the accident happened?  If you have had an accident and been injured on someone else’s property, contact The Lieser Law Firm for a FREE consultation.


Q:  Should I cooperate with the defendant’s insurance company?

A:  We absolutely do not advise it.  Even if the agent seems kind and courteous, you must remember that person works for the insurance company and the insurance company is not your friend.  It is always going to be in the best interest of the insurance company to give you as little as possible for your injuries.  The amount an insurance company offers will RARELY be fair for you.  The Lieser Law Firm is here to help protect you and your family by making sure you recover all that you deserve.  Do not talk to the insurance company or give them any kind of statement.  Contact us first and let us represent YOUR BEST INTERESTS.


Q:  What is a Statute of Limitations?  Is there a statute for filing a personal injury claim?

A:  A statute of limitations is a period of time in which you have to take legal action against a person or insurance company.  This period of time is set by each individual state, and it depends upon the type of case or claim.  If a claim is not filed before the end of the statutory deadline, the right to make a claim is lost.


If you have been injured by another person, company or agent, contact us to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney at The Lieser Law Firm to determine how much time you have to file a lawsuit.


Q:  I feel fine.  Do I really need to see a doctor after my car accident?

A:  The answer is an absolute YES.  Often times, the personal injuries that result from car accidents lay dormant without any signs of a problem for a few days or even weeks.  However, if you delay the diagnosis of your car accident injuries, it can severely affect the outcome of your accident case and impair your physical recovery.  If you decide to file a claim, the insurance company will investigate your activity and will likely try to pin the injury on something other than your accident.  Documentation is always key to winning cases, so schedule an exam with your doctor immediately after the car accident and have any concerns documented at the office. If you have been involved in a car accident, contact us to consult with the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Lieser Law Firm as soon as possible to protect yourself.


Q:  An insurance adjustor has asked to meet with me.  What should I say?

A:  In short, you should NOT be speaking with them. The only response you should give them up front is to tell them that you need to schedule a meeting when your attorney is able to come with you.  Again, we do NOT recommend that you meet directly with any agent of the insurance company without legal representation.  They are only out to save the insurance company as much money as possible, so anything you say or do could risk your financial recovery.  They may try to get you to admit that your injuries are not that severe or that the accident was your fault. NEVER make any admission of guilt or make any statement about the results of the accident or your medical treatment when speaking to an insurance adjustor.  The BEST thing for you to do is have an experienced lawyer from The Lieser Law Firm present when you speak to the insurance adjustor.  Contact us immediately to schedule your FREE consultation before speaking to anyone from the insurance company.


Q:  What if I believe the accident to be partly my fault?

A:  Assessment of fault is a very complicated matter.  Most individuals to not have sufficient ability to access who is at fault on their own.  Accepting blame and apologizing to another driver may be used as evidence against you.  Leave it to us at The Lieser Law Firm, a judge, or jury, to decide who is at fault.  Before you assume anything, contact us to schedule a FREE case evaluation.  Police documentation and other factors may significantly affect your case.


Q:  How long will it take to get a settlement offer?

A:  Cases vary in length from weeks to months, even years in some instances.  Usually, we will only try to settle your case after you have fully healed from your injuries and have been released by your doctor.  This is the best way you can be assured of receiving the full value for your injuries.  The Lieser Law Firm will move your case along efficiently, and we do not hesitate to file lawsuits and proceed through litigation to maximize your recovery of damages.  Contact us for more information.


Q:  I was injured at work in Missouri. What should I do?

A:  The first thing you should do is report your injury to your supervisor.  Missouri Law requires an employee to provide prompt notice of any injury or accident to their employer.  You should then consult with an experienced attorney at The Lieser Law Firm so that we can help you file a claim for workers’ compensation with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  Missouri Law provides for specific time limits to file a claim for compensation, which can be as short as 2 years.  Your employer will not do this for you and will not notify you of any deadlines to file a claim.  Immediately after you file notice with your employer of your accident, contact The Lieser Law Firm.


Q:  Will I be paid when I am off work in Missouri?

A:  If the treating doctor certifies that you are unable to work, you should be entitled to “temporary total disability benefits” under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law when you are off work due to your injury.  You will not be paid for the first 3 regularly scheduled work days you are off, but you should be paid for each day missed after and also for the first 3 days if you are off for more than 2 weeks.  The amount of benefits is 2/3 of your gross average weekly wage, subject to certain maximums, which change each year.  If you have further questions regarding temporary total disability benefits or Workers’ Compensation, please contact us today to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney at The Lieser Law Firm.


Q:  What if I am unable to return to work in Missouri because of my injury?

A:  If you are permanently and totally disabled from all types of employment, you may qualify for “permanent total disability benefits” under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law.  Be aware, however, that in order to qualify for these benefits, you must be unable to work in any line of work in the labor market of your compensable injury or occupational disease.  The weekly rate for these benefits is the same as the temporary total rate.  If you are totally disabled, you may also qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.  In some cases, but not all, Social Security Disability Benefits are reduced because of the receipt of Workers’ Compensation Benefits.  If you have questions about your situation regarding this issue or other or Workers’ Compensation rights, contact us to consult with a personal injury attorney at Lieser Law Firm for more information.


Q:  I was fired from my job after I filed a workers’ compensation claim.  What can I do?

A:  This could be a case of employer retaliation, which is Illegal in both Missouri and Illinois.  Please contact Lieser Law Firm today for a FREE case review.  We will examine the details and determine whether your employer wrongfully terminated your employment based upon your workers’ compensation claim.

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