compassionLast week I shared with a colleague my feelings about people using the term “win” when talking about a personal injury case.  You see, from my perspective, a victim immediately loses when they are injured.  The point of taking legal action for their case is to recover damages so that they can hopefully move forward in life and protect their families. I always keep this perspective in mind when I’m working for my clients because I believe that compassion from me is vital to seeking the best possible outcome.  Our goal is to prevail by getting a fair settlement, but I will never refer to it as a “win.”

This may seem like a simple play-on-words, but my point in my conversation with my colleague is that words matter and can have a profound impact on how you make people feel.  As a personal injury attorney, one of my most steadfast commitments to my clients is to show them compassion during a time when they need it most.

What Does Compassion Mean to Me?

My definition of compassion is the consideration and act of being responsive to the feelings and circumstances of others.   It is the ability to listen first and then speak with empathy.  I have experienced loss in my own life, which helps me have empathy for those who have lost someone they love or who must struggle now because of the carelessness of someone else.

Compassion Plus Courage

While I genuinely feel that compassion is a driving force for my practice, I could not be successful for my clients without also possessing courage.  It’s not enough to just care; I also have to be willing and able to take the necessary action to get results.

As an attorney, compassion allows me to connect with my clients to really understand what they are going through.  At the same time, courage allows me to represent my clients with a better sense of purpose and a strong motivation to seek justice. I genuinely want to help people who have been injured and do everything in my power to ease their recovery.

What Do Courage and Compassion Mean to You?

If you or someone you love has been injured by the negligence of some other person or entity, I know that you have to have tremendous courage just to carry on with your daily life.  If you need help seeking recovery for your damages, I hope you’ll contact the Lieser Law Firm.  We will provide you with the compassion you need and work hard to get the results you deserve.

If you are reading this blog post and are fortunate enough to NOT NEED HELP with a personal injury, then I would still like you to consider something…

Compassion and courage are powerful qualities that can be used to improve the world around you everyday.  Too often, people care—but fail to act.  My call to you is to be an actively caring person.  Be considerate of the safety and welfare of others.   If we all show a little more courage and compassion, perhaps we can prevent more injuries and minimize potential harm to others.